Operation Acid Capitalist

Tour Photo 8-20-19


Updated September 2019: Acid Capitalist was my journey to visit the Nevada National Security Site, historical site of 44 nuclear test series, including the Sedan Crater. As well as the NNSS, I visited sites in New Mexico linked to the history and development of nuclear and conventional weapons.

August 2019: Photo of the tour group I was a member of on the viewing platform in front of the Sedan shot crater (1962), Nevada National Security Site; collage onto found image of Sedan to provide better context of the scale involved. Photo taken by NNSS guide, digital collage AC
Furlow, Robert C. (October 5, 1993). “Sedan Crater”. National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

August 2019

American deserts are one of my favourite environments to be in, National Parks a highlight of my trips to the US. The development of weaponry, nuclear or conventional, has frequently had long-term negative impacts on land and communities, so visiting these sites and collections of work by Native artists and makers is something I am really looking forwards to.

I’ve pored over these sites using Google Earth and governmental survey data, but to see something with my own eyes seems important. There’s still that tension in feeling excited about something that has resulted in so much destruction, but I think I need to fully immerse myself, and use the information gathered to reflect afterwards on what i’ve seen. Documenting my travels by writing, photographing, and sketching, and collecting small objects of interest will help me to make work in response. Getting on the NNSS tour has taken three years, and so I am excited to see what comes from my trip.

Acid Capitalist patch, 2019
Original 7cm x 7cm
Digital drawing