Self-portrait in Humvee wing mirror, after the accident, 2019

Lives and works UK.


I am interested in exploring how the absent can be made visible.

I enjoy collecting and organising information to help me better understand the world, on subjects that, at first glance, might not always appear obviously useful. Information is my comfort blanket; Wikipedia trawls and Google Earth explorations a way to self-soothe, with journeys within digital environments as valuable as real-world field trips.

From this secure standing, I seek to exploit flaws and deconstruct accepted forms, perspectives, and narratives, often exploring the tension that comes along with breaking what is designed to be immersive and real. I wish to draw attention to what is not meant to be seen, elevating the out-of-place, or objects and places that can elicit complex and messy feelings, revelling in aesthetic enjoyment whilst being keenly aware of the destructive nature and processes involved.

I recently discovered a personal art practice after a decade spent focusing on the creative education of others.


Solo Exhibitions
Aug 2019 – Launch On Warning, Garage Gallery 62, Reading
Aug 2017 – Poised For Peace, Filament 14, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford

Selected Group Exhibitions
July 2019 – Process, OHOS, Reading
May 2019 – Seven Counties Open, OVADA, Oxford
Apr 2019  – Chromantics, Cornerhouse Arts Centre, Didcot
Dec 2018  – Monitor, Air Gallery, Altrincham
Mar 2018 – Hatched 2018, Jam Factory, Oxford
Aug 2017 – Americas 2017: All Media, Northwest Art Center, Minot State University, Minot, North Dakota
Aug 2017 – DING, Turbine House, Riverside Museum, Reading
June 2017 – Beyond Surface, Glass Tank, Oxford Brookes
May 2017 – Seven Counties Open, OVADA, Oxford
Jan 2017 – Healing Forces, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford
Dec 2016 – Icky:rus, Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
Oct 2016 – Evolving Forces, Oxford Brookes
Jul 2016 – Open For Art 2016 Artist Trail, Jelly, Reading
Mar 2016 – Realisation, Pop Up Artist Teacher exhibition, Harcourt Hill, Oxford
Jan 2016 – Resistant Forces, OVADA, Oxford
Jul 2015 – Reading Arts Week, Town Hall, Reading

Nov 2020 – Virtual Residency, Cel del Nord, Barcelona
Aug 2015 – A Conversation Space, Jelly, Reading

2017 – Artist Teacher Scheme MA in Education, Oxford Brookes University
2006 – PGCE Art and Design, Secondary, University of Reading
2004 – BA Art, University of Reading