Condescension Fade

Condescension Fade: I, 2019
Archival pigment print on paper
29cm x 42 cm


“Disabling Internet connectivity at a meeting or conference. Organizers do it to encourage participants to ‘focus.’ The term evolved from backhoe fade – hacker lingo for a sudden loss of connectivity.”

WIRED Staff (2004). jargon watch. [online] WIRED. Available at: [Accessed 13 Sep. 2019].

A series exploring the tension between digital glitches seen in digitised books and documents and the desire to record for posterity.

Memories eroded or added to by the technology we have come to increasingly trust and rely upon to augment our own organic recording.


Condescension Fade: I-IV, 2019
Archival pigment prints on paper
Each 29cm x 42 cm

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